Volunteer with Ogden Friends of Acoustic Music (OFOAM)

2019 Ogden Music Festival

May 30th - June 3rd, 2019
Welcome to the Volunteer Sign Up page for the 11th Annual Ogden Music Festival! Please select ONE of the following to claim your 3-day festival pass and exclusive volunteer swag:
- TWO 3-hour shifts
- ONE 6-hour shift
- ONE 3-hour PRIME shift

OR for a single-day ticket, select one regular 3-hour shift and select "SINGLE-DAY" (shift MUST BE on the SAME DAY that you attend).

After selecting your shift(s), provide registration information below and click "Sign Up To Volunteer" at the bottom to complete your registration.

Remember, volunteers represent OFOAM to hundreds of Ogden Music Festivarians. If the thought of remaining sober and smoke free during your shifts bums you out, volunteering is not for you. If greeting and helping Festivarians does seem like something you want to do, then volunteering is for you. We want a friendly, fun-loving Team OFOAM, thank you!

As a reminder, camping is not included. Thank you for your interest and willingness to participate at the festival.

If you have any questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator: volunteer.ofoam@gmail.com
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By completing and submitting this form to OFOAM, you understand and agree to the following:

*I will attend the orientation session, unless I have been excused.
*I will conduct all volunteer activities with high standards, professionalism, and good taste, and will do nothing to cause detriment to the reputation or goodwill of OFOAM.
*I declare the information provided by me in this Application is true, correct and complete, and intend to be legally bound by its terms.
*I understand that I will be refunded $20 of my $25 registration fee after my shift(s).

As a registered volunteer for Ogden Friends of Acoustic Music (OFOAM) and The Ogden Music Festival and for all volunteer related events and activities, you do hereby discharge OFOAM and Weber County's Fort Buenaventura from all claims of damages, demands, actions and causes whatsoever in any manner arising from or growing out of your participation in the Ogden Music Festival.

OFOAM reserves the right to reassign you to other duties to meet festival needs.

As a volunteer, you agree to indemnify and hold OFOAM harmless for all fines, penalties, fees and expenses incurred as a result of or related to any breach of contractual obligation to the participant. You also consent and authorize OFOAM to use and reproduce in any form, style or color, together with any writing, any photographs, video or other likeness of you taken in your capacity as a volunteer and circulated for OFOAM's purposes.

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